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Imagine if you could...
• Position what you're selling in a way that you'd not have to compete with your competitors. Meaning: Get more clients. Easier. While charging more
• ​Write ETHICAL copy that'd outperform many of the GREAT copywriters out there... Without using any of their sleazy over-the-top promises or fake marketing tactics
Discover the secret language behind copywriting so that you can UNDERSTAND why a piece doesn't work - and be able to immediately fix it and look like a freakin' magician.
Those MIGHT look like over-the-top promises. I understand that.

But they are not promises. They're just SKILLS

Skills I've been teaching in my small (and closed) circles for 5 years.
All while walking the walk and using those skills on a daily basis myself.

You see...
All I Offer Is A Glimpse Into My World. A Unique Skill I've Mastered.
Look. I spent 11 years in marketing - focusing on ONE skill. A skill that allows me to teach anyone how to THINK in order to outsell their competition. Time after time.

In the last 5 years I used this skill to do some incredible things. Including:
• Building an $8.5M e-Commerce store
• Selling close to $1M of my own course within just over 3 months (with 52% profit and ZERO organic audience)
• Spending more than $10M on FB ads PROFITABLY -- using BOOTSTRAPPED money. No investors
• Helping a client of mine build TWO 8-figure info-businesses
• Beating dozens of copy controls for SaaS and info-business clients (some by 10X) -- Controls written by HUGE copywriting and FB ads agencies...
But hey.
That's enough about me.

You might be asking yourself "Well OK George... You can do it. But can I?"

Good question. 
Let me show you a couple of my friends who have done the same (and later I'll show you what the community members achieved in the month-and-a-bit of them being in the community). Deal?
Itay Made $30K From One Deal Working 3 Hours A Week

And then his client got a $2.5M investment by showing his results to an investor

Alex Made $750K And Then Sold His Position In The Company

Went on to invest in Crypto and is now going to school to fulfill his lifelong dream - becoming a coach

I Taught The Same Skillset To My Wife Who Sold About $180K Of A Guitar-Playing Course (She Doesn't Even Play Guitar)

We lost the screenshot so I'll just show you a cool photo of her. I'm lucky. I know :)


Listen. I could show you dozens of more screenshots and make a million more claims.

But since you're STILL staring at my wife... I'll move on. Look:
People On Twitter Begged Me To Teach Them For A Year And A Half
But I didn't have time for everyone.

I literally got 50 DMs per day some days.

And even though I'd write 2-3 value-packed threads per week...
It was not enough.

I have threads out there about most topics you could imagine:
• How I made $15,000/mo from my first client (and how you can copy-paste EXACTLY what I did so you can get the same result). WITH DETAILS.

• How to make your prospect imagine by tapping into the emotional part of the brain. WITH the exact WORDS to use. So you can do it too...

• How to sell ANYTHING without competing with ANYONE in your market - and how that allows you to raise your prices.

• How to launch products like a pro - using the same method I used to make $305,500 from an OLD list - selling a $47 product.
I have a ton of those.
And yet...

This was not enough. People wanted more and more and more. 
... And I also wanted to give more. I enjoy sharing and teaching (my dad is a teacher. Can you blame me?)

And now finally...
You can get more. And I can give you more.
I Found A Solution For You To Get More Direct Access To Me Without It Costing You An Arm & A Leg:
You see...

The only way to get access to me up until I came up with this solution was one of two ways:

1. Join my cohort which was $2,000.
2. Buy my one-on-one time for $5,000/mo.

And neither is an option right now.

There are no cohorts. I'm not taking on any more one-on-one clients.

So if you want to learn more directly from me...
• If you want me to take a look at your work and help point out places where you could improve
Teach you whatever it is that you'd want to learn next
• Answer your questions LIVE and show you how I'd do things differently...
Here's The Deal: You Can Get Access to the Community Right NOW.
And when you buy today...
You will also get a resource that I believe to be incredibly valuable.

Understand this: most of the people who follow me get this one basic and crucial element wrong. Time after time.
And I want to catch you up to speed on this BEFORE you join. Let me explain.

You see...

• MOST of the ads I see (probably 60-70%)...
• AT LEAST 80% of the Twitter content I see...
• Probably close to 90% of the emails I read...

Are talking to the wrong audience.

Talking to the right audience in the wrong way.

And then coming to my DMs and complaining about not being able to make the sales they thought they would...

And I get it. It stinks. And is super demotivating. I've been there... And that's why when you join the CopyThinking Community today?

You get the key that unlocks the only skill you need to beat most of your competitors.

On email. Twitter. Ads. Instagram. Organic. Paid. Content. Copy. Videos. VSLs. Promotions. Launches...

...And everything else that requires you to write (or even record videos) on ANY topic that'd speak to your audience...
You Get The Copy Matrix Course For FREE For The LAST TIME Ever.
The Copy Matrix is a video course that you can finish in a single weekend. You'll also get a working-PDF with all the same information that's in the videos. Here's a glimpse of what's inside...
• Why awareness levels are the key to making any copy work (this is how you scale businesses)

• How to decide on an awareness level to target and what to write in order to get the sale (get this wrong and you're toast)

• The sneaky way to get more sales for a new business by NOT competing (you can do this once you fully understand awareness levels and how to pick them)

Each market has one awareness level. Right? Wrong! You can pick the awareness level you'd be targeting. And there is a specific equation to know which one to pick (get this and you're already light years ahead)

• The silly mistake 90% of advertisers make that THEY THINK will get them more money (but actually makes their ads flop).
Let's stop here for a second. Do you understand that this one skill will allow you to scroll through Instagram...

And understand exactly what the advertisers are doing wrong. But also...

Have full clarity of how to fix what they're doing wrong AND/or scale their business.
Yeah. You'll also:
• Understand once and for all why it's a bad idea to use templates and formulas to write copy (unless you want it to suck)

• Know what to write at each awareness level in order to convert buyers. This also works for cold DMs and cold emails (Yeah. Most cold emails are done WRONG)

• See REAL ads that are running RIGHT NOW where I'll tell you exactly which awareness levels each ad targets so you can learn the UP-TO-DATE techniques

• If you watch module #3 you'll see how to connect the ad's (or any type of content's) awareness level to the sales page's awareness level correctly

• In the same module you'll also understand how different-awareness ads can lead to the same sales page (scaling with ONE sales page)

• Learn the most important element in "snatching" your competitor's prospects -- by targeting high-awareness people who and are ready to buy (with an example from Twitter)
You could mistake this information to be the same as in the book Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz.

But it's NOT.

Eugene wrote the book when there were no elaborate funnels. No intent-based targeting. Only one-page magazine ads.

CONTEXT matters. And you won't get it reading the book.
Here's what else you'll learn in the Copy Matrix:
• Understand the 5 sophistication levels of any market (and why we will never write copy in the first two and the last one).

• A better-than-forum-doom-scrolling technique to determine your market's sophistication level simply by looking at 3-5 competitors

• Are you confused about the difference between awareness and sophistication levels? No more after watching module #5

• Why you can NOT choose your market's sophistication level (unlike awareness levels) and how you'll get a few sales but will never be able to scale if you do

• 99% of the marketers who THINK they understand sophistication levels - actually don't (Module #6 will put you in the 1%)

The truth about why most OG copywriters (THINK David Oglivy & Gary Halbert) wrote ads in high sophistication levels -- and why you are making a HUGE mistake if you try to model them.
But that's not all. You're also getting 3 uber-cool bonuses:
  • BONUS ONE: The Twitter Matrix
  • You'll discover ONE "lock combination" of one specific awareness level and one specific sophistication level that I've used myself to grow to 140K+ followers faster than 99.9% of the accounts that'll ever get there
  • How to transform any piece of content that you write into one that gets the maximum number of eyeballs and engagement - you can do this in any niche and it works in virtually every market
  • One sneaky technique I use in order to "steal" other creator's viral hooks and make my threads get more reach and engagement than theirs (Used this technique for several big accounts you know - before they became big).
  • BONUS TWO: The Email Marketing Matrix
  • Understand why sophistication levels become irrelevant in email marketing and why email marketing allows you to compete in the level everybody is losing in: sophistication level 5
  • ​"Get" the two different business models you can use for email marketing and finally see the matrix behind email marketing
  • ​See a live breakdown of an email I wrote and why I use a specific awareness-level structure that I suggest you start using too (unless you want to do email marketing wrong - like most of your competitors).
  • BONUS THREE: The Competitor Matrix
  • Watch behind-my-shoulder as I find ads in any niche - any market - and "manipulate" the search results to find specifically what I'm looking for (THINK: only courses. Or only sales pages)... And you'll be able to do it too
  • The same video will show you my thinking process while I look for competitors and how I decide whose ads are good to model or analyze and how I know whether their ads are successful
  • How to spy on any business that's running ads and funnel-hack their whole funnel - including - see what their customers are REALLY saying and who they are - specifically.

Now you know all the details of what's inside. And there's only one thing missing...
Here's How It Works:
This is a one-time payment that gives you access to everything inside.
And this is the last time we'll be offering such a deal. One-time payment. No subscription. No recurring costs. No surprises.

But just before you make your decision...

Please read this:
This Is NOT A Good Fit For:
  • For template-using and push-button solution seekers. THERE ARE NO TEMPLATES INSIDE.
  • For newbies who think this will change their lives overnight. It won't.
  • For complete beginners who have no idea what the words on this page mean.
  • ​For anyone who expects to learn everything in 3 days and leave. This is a process. And it will take me time to transfer the information from my head to yours.
This Is For You Only If You Want To Learn How to THINK.
The community has some really cool content right now. Here's a lil' taste:
9 stages to help take you from the old way of looking at copywriting to becoming a CopyThinker who looks at copy from a unique perspective and out-sells their competition by out-thinking them.

Stage 1: The beginning. Catching you up-to-speed with The Copy Matrix so you can finally understand what happens behind the words.

Stage 2: Basic copywriting. Includes 7 golden rules you should follow at all costs and two psychology lessons so you understand how to persuade your readers PLUS suggested books to read.

Stage 3: The art of writing. How to tell stories that get people glued to their screen plus how to come up with endless UNIQUE ideas for your stories. You'll also learn about emotional writing and how to make sure EVERYONE understands what you write.

Stage 4: Advanced copywriting. This is where we're starting to see the bigger picture and making sure WHAT we're gonna write is gonna captivate people and get them to open their wallets.

Stage 5: Becoming a CopyThinker. Learn about the two MOST important elements to writing copy that converts: The CopyThinking Triangle and Positioning. Copywriting will NEVER be the same after you go through this stage.

Stage 6: Turning you into a brain ninja. This one is all about understanding what your audience wants -- the CopyThinking way. Meaning: without scrolling through endless forums. You've NEVER seen anyone do market research this way. I guarantee.

Stage 7: Testing yourself. You’ve achieved a lot when you get to this point. Now's the time to test yourself and start implementing your newly-acquired skill of yours with an exercise.

Stage 8: Getting an unfair advantage. Learn about the logic behind funnels and advertising to get a leg-up over 99% of the marketers out there. Including different funnel types and "The Value Ladder Scam" module.

Level 9: Stepping outside. This is where you take your knowledge into the real world and start implementing it using our "two pathways to start" framework.

And then?
Once you're done?

It's time to take a close look at copy reviews and live call roasts. YEAH. You'll see me critiquing copy and roasting members' sales pages from previous calls and posts AND you'll gain access to our future live calls to see it happening in real-time.
You'll also be able to submit your own copy to be reviewed with me hand-in-hand (from sales pages to which market you should choose to your ideas. Anything you'd like).
And There's Also a Golden Nuggets Library Inside. 37 LIVE Call Recordings With Information That'd EASILY Cost You At Least $10,000 To Acquire Outisde
Here's a little taste...

• How to come up with endless story ideas for content or emails or anything else
• How to steal stories from specific places on the internet (this is how I "write" 90% of my stories)
• How to sell using stories by using "AHA Moment" marketing
• Using the customer's language and context so it feels like you've hacked their brain
And more.

Market research the CopyThinking way:

• How to validate a product idea quickly
• The two-step positioning framework to position your product in a gap that allows you to not compete
• When enough research is enough
• This recording also has FOUR reviews of me talking to members about their products and positioning
And more.

Creating irresistible offers:

• How to come up with an offer and how it co-relates with the big idea and the mechanism
• The hierarchy of importance when creating offers
• Offer presentation is more important than the offer itself and how to master this element
• The two main drivers of a good offer and it has nothing to do with the value of the offer
And more. 

Creating a mechanism to win in sophisticated markets:

• How to build mechanisms that don't kill the most important element of the sale
• Playing into existing beliefs instead of breaking them using a mechanism
• Should you name your mechanism?
• Rare but not unique mechanisms
• Coming up with mechanisms live with three sales page examples
And more.

Look. We have THIRTY of those calls. I can go on and on and on.

We also have 9 guest calls with experts who teach you stuff that you'd probably never be able to learn anywhere else. Here's a taste:

The Pedro Martins call:

• How Pedro sold $1.2M in 2 by sending emails to a tiny segment of an email list
• Pain explained in a way you've never seen before in a way that allows you to dig into pain and explain your customer's problem better than they can explain it
• Creating an image of the pain for positioning offers
• Pedro's "STOP SELLING START HELPING" philosophy that the community went crazy over
And more.

The Kristen Marie call:

Google ads explained for beginners and how/when to use those
• Running ads on a hidden-opportunity platform that's NOT Google but also a "pull" platform
• How TOF & MOF works on Google ads
• Google ad campaigns for low-ticket products?
And more.

The Kieran Drew call:

• How "the power of the tribe" works on social media
• The secret behind Kieran's pinned tweet
• Do you niche down or go broad? Many gurus will give you the wrong advice and that's why you might be stuck
• Creating your first product and launching (PLUS when to increase prices)
And more.

The Eddy Quan call:

• Why value is dead and how Eddy re-positioned his whole content strategy to win over big audiences
• The business of Ghostwriting is not dead if you do what Eddy does
• How optimizing for a different result lands Eddy high-quality and high-ticket clients
• Pricing your offer around results and the TedX test
• And much much more.

The Jordan Parker call:

• Data tracking: How to spy on people who land on your page and calculate KPIs to optimize for sales
• How to make your email deliverability higher
• Outsourcing to specific countries and why
• Shortcuts and browsers and apps and analytics to improve productivity and make it fun
And much more.

The Stu Lierich call:

• How to find people that need your offer now and build a cold outreach campaign around them
• The rule of one in outreach and the goal of your first DM
• The difference between cold emails and cold DMs
• Automating your targeting process
• How to write a cold outreach campaign step-by-step without the flattery-to-face slap mistake people tend to do in outreach
• And much more.

The Kyri Nahlis call:

• Kyri's tips for networking that helped him land the biggest clients online
• How to "exist in your client's ecosystem"
• How to demonstrate expertise and follow up
• Why your brand or size of following doesn't matter if you network THIS WAY
• All about "circumstantial solutions" and why this part is critical for your networking journey
And much more.

The Dr. Chris Ngo call:

• How to sell high-ticket and the logic behind the two types of services/products that allow you to charge super high-ticket
• How to pick your business model. Everything you should know before you create your first offer
• How pricing affects any business and can kill your business or make it win big
• What are "true custom" services and why they're super profitable and when NOT to you true custom
And much more.

The Virgil Brewster call:

• How Virgil became a household name on Twitter in almost no time when he unlocked this one realization
• The one piece of advice Sam Ovens gave him at a $25,000 seminar that made Virgil go from being stuck at $10,000/week to a $10M business
• The funnel that Virgil used to create a freedom business using solely cold ads
• The art of upselling and collecting more and more money
And much more.

And here's the best part:

Each and every call is labeled with timestamps so you can find specific answers to questions that you need in the blink of an eye. Here's what it looks like:
And you can literally click on any of the timestamps and jump straight to that point in the video. And yes. As you can see? Some of our live calls are LONG. You can binge-watch our calls instead of Netflix and trust me...

You'll probably enjoy much more than watching another episode of The Office.

Don't get me wrong. I love Michael Scarn and mostly Dwight. But you feel a bit of a sting in your heart when you're watching episode after episode. How'd you feel if you could watch THOSE calls with the same intensity? 

Think about it.

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Is there a money-back guarantee?
No. You've probably been following me and/or reading my emails for some time now. You know what I bring to the table. If you want it - join. If not - don't join. I can not imagine a scenario where a guarantee will be applicable. What you see is what you get - 100% transparent.

So no. And if you're looking for a guarantee then maybe you are not the type of person I'm looking to attract with this community. Which is fine. No hard feelings :)
Can I sign up for a monthly subscription?
Can I join for 12 months?
We're still figuring out how to re-structure our business model and we don't promise anything but we're inclined to find a solution.

One where you still can keep in contact with all your newly-acquired friends inside the community and continue some form of communication with them and the team (including me). But again - we can't promise anything at this point.
What does the community actually look like inside?
We're currently hosting all the content and discussions on Skool. A platform that allows us to have everything in one place.

We also have a Discord channel for "quick chats".
What kind of activities will I get the chance to join in the community?
We have a pre-built library of content inside.
Except for that? We'll have weekly live calls and ongoing discussions.

Every single live call is recorded and we currently have 37 of them. Each one is unique in its' own way and you can watch them at your own pace while attending new calls when they're live or just watching their recording when it's up :)


• Ask whatever you want
• Suggest whatever you want
• Connect to other members.

And whatever else the community (that's you) will suggest/ask for.
Should I join if I don't sell information products or run cold ads?
There is no difference. At all.

The skill of CopyThinking can (and should) be applied to any type of business. YES. Even if it has NOTHING to do with written content at all.

Any type of business. Any channel. Warm or cold traffic. Funnels. Emails.
Whatever you can think of - the skills you'll learn in the community can be applied to.
What if I'm a freelancer/agency owner?
For the last time.

Yes. Understanding how to THINK is not only applicable to business owners or the offer owners. Freelancers and agency owners will benefit from learning the skill just as much as any other type of professional.
What if I'm selling a SaaS?
Ok. This is the last time I'll answer this. Promise.

The skill can be applied to any type of business. Any kind of offer. Any channel.

And although we will not be discussing the coding part of a SaaS...
Marketing for a SaaS is very similar to any other type of marketing. 

(Yes. I've tested. I ran ads for SaaS businesses personally. The same techniques used for any other business beat traditional SaaS marketing strategies every time I tried using them).
How do I get access?
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Can I pay with instalments?
No. The same reason we can't offer a monthly subscription option. We can't do it at this moment.
Do you accept PayPal?
Yes.  A lot of people asked for it so we added an option to pay with Paypal.
How do I pay? Is it safe?
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• The Copy Matrix Course
• Plus all the bonuses
• 6-month access to the community
Only $237. For The Last Time Ever.
One-Time Payment.
Access For 6 Months.
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If you click the button above and there's no option to pay? I'm sorry but you missed the deadline. The cart is now closed for good. I told you that this will be a one-time chance and if you miss it? You miss it. You'll get a chance to buy our higher-ticket offer in the future.